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Welcome to Visual Potluck

Hello everyone and welcome to Visual Potluck (the blog portion). While this blog is long overdue, we feel now is the right time. Together we have built a wonderful community of individuals whose work is not only inspirational, but well crafted, delicious and beautiful in every detail. Our hope for the blog portion of Visual Potluck is to be more free with our postings, a bit less curated (but still curated of course) and to provide you with more inspiration and insight into the individuals that make Visual Potluck what it is today. We would like to personally thank the Creativesand loyal Communitymembers who have continued to post their works and follow along while the community is growing.

In the upcoming blog posts we will be featuring “Creatives” from our site and featuring their work and the products they have for purchase. The blog will also highlight the job and shop sections of The job and shop sections are both places to find great work, great talent and for the “Creatives” to showcase and “sell” their products or services.  

As we move forward we hope to inspire, to educate, to promote and to grow with you. If you have any suggestions, recommendations, questions or if you just want to say hi feel free to comment below or simply drop us an email. (

Again, Thank You everyone for being part of Visual Potluck. We hope you like what you see, where we are going and that you continue to Inspire and to   “Be Inspired . Visually”.

Jeremy + Mao…


Above is a screen shot and a link to the site, Take some time, explore the site, view the “Community” and “Creatives”, “Shop” a little and ” Be Inspired . Visually “.

” The harder I work, the luckier I get. “

– Samuel Goldwyn